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Dr. Pillersdorf’s Patient Reviews Page 4

Awesome group of drs and staff. Always there for you . I have had tummy tuck, facelift and more due to 65 lbs of weight loss . The staff is caring and extraordinarily talented. The offices are clean and inviting from the moment you walk into the front door to the exam room. The on staff of nurses in the OR and the office are the best yet. They help to calm you and soothe you to the point where all anxieties fly out the door and you are relaxed. The doctors are extremely compassionate and caring. The doctors are patient and make sure you understand the entire procedure and no question goes unanswered no matter how small or petty it seems to you. Kudos to the entire staff.

Dr. P is the best. He took a person who lost 65 pounds and has transformed me into a completely different person. He is true humanitarian and cares about everyone he knows. He has the patience and personality of a saint. His staff is caring and sensitive to everyone. Needless to say, his skills as a surgeon are awesome. I trust his judgement completely. His surgeon skills are one of the finest if not the finest in the state of Florida.

My daughter was attacked by a rottweiler at age 6 and required several hundred stitches to her face. Dr. Pillersdorf was kind enough to come to a hospital he was not even an attendee at to tend to my daughter when we could not find anyone else we called out of the phone book. It was a 4th of July weekend, and all the Plastic Surgeons were all out of town. Dr. Pillersdorf did a phenomenal job. She is now 19 years old and her scarring is barely visible. He had an incredible bedside manner and even personally took on our insurance company to have her follw-up surgery approved even though it was considered “cosmetic”. Our family will forever be grateful to him.

Fabulous! I was so nervous and everyone made me feel so at ease from the initial visit through the entire process. When you are ready, this is where you have to go! Love my nice smooth forehead.

It was 14 years ago he treated my son. We were so impressed by him and his staff. They took the time to really care.

I was diagnosed with skin cancer two different times. Both times my dermatologist recommended Dr. Pillersdorf to do the surgery. I am a very fortunate and very pleased with the results.

Dr. Pillersdorf has been amazing and has given me the best advise during my consultation. The results of my surgical procedure were the best I have ever seen!

Dr. P was very clear and took his time making sure I understood everything I needed to know for my procedure. Definitely a good experience.

Dr. Pillersdorf transformed my body from a sack of extra skin to a body that I can be proud of. After losing 150 lbs, he did a total of 5 major procedures and 3 minor procedures. All successful. I feel wonderful and he is the doctor to go to. I would recommend Dr. P to the world.

I had abdominoplasty,liposculpture, breast lift, implant and breast reduction surgery with Dr. Pillersdorf (I am two weeks post-op) and so far I am completely ecstatic about the results. Dr. P. has a wonderful staff. From the beginning he has made me feel comfortable and at ease with the procedures he performed, and he has shown that he genuinely cares about the welfare of his patients. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

I got a breast reduction from Dr. Pillersdorf about 4 years ago and it was the greatest decision I ever made. I was 20 when I had the surgery and it changed my life. Because of the great work Dr. Pillersdorf did, I have more confidence then I ever thought I would and I finally feel comfortable in my skin. I barely have any scars and I get compliments on my girls all the time. I would recommed Dr. Pillersdorf to everyone I know.

A true genius!!! I have been to them all in south FL and NY. Dr Pillersdorf is the best!!!

I had breast cancer and had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction from another surgeon, and that surgeon really messed me up… Thank God for Dr. Pillerdorf. He was able to fix my botched up reconstruction. I would like to put the name down of the Dr. that messed me up, but I won’t.

When you’re in a hard place, if the medical staff has a caring heart, it doesn’t seem as hard to deal with and Dr. Pillersdorf has such a caring heart.

The group is fantastic and treat us like family. We literally love them as a family. They are warm, supportive, caring and have such a high skill level.

It was a really difficult road and Dr. Pillersdorf stood with me the entire way.

I used him for a face lift and had so many people say they have never seen such a wonderful and natural look. It has lasted 12 years and some say I don’t need any tweeking, it is best to do it before you really need it and would go no where but to him. Excellent work and will not do what is not needed. So kind and caring and honest as is his entire staff. I met people who had surgery with him after accidents and had to have their entire face redone. He used pictures to go by, and they looked exactly as they had looked in the past

He and his office came highly recommended. He is a preferred plastic surgeon in our area who is award winning and board certified with advanced credentials. I wanted the best of the best and I believe I’ve found him. I also really like that he volunteers his time and skills to surgically help children. That shows me his heart. He is also known for not doing procedures that aren’t needed and he aims to give a natural appearance. Safety is his top priority. Even though his office is almost an hour away from me, it’s totally worth the drive.