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Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach Reviews

Dr. Alan Pillersdorf’s Reviews

[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Alan Pillersdorf’s Patient" testimonial="I got a breast reduction from Dr. Pillersdorf about 4 years ago. It was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I was 20 when I had the surgery and it changed my life. Because of the great work Dr. Pillersdorf did I have more confidence then I ever thought I would, and I finally feel comfortable in my skin. I barely have any scars and I get compliments on my girls all the time." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]
[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Alan Pillersdorf’s Patient" testimonial="I used him for a face lift and had so many people say they have never seen such a wonderful and natural look. It has lasted 12 years and some say I don’t need any tweaking. It is best to do it before you really need it, and would go nowhere but to him. Excellent work and will not do what is not needed. So kind and caring and honest, as is his entire staff. I met people who had surgery with him after accidents and had to have their entire face redone. He used pictures to go by, and they looked exactly as they had looked in the past." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" locked="off" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]
[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Alan Pillersdorf’s Patient" testimonial="He’s awesome. I can’t say enough good things about him and his staff. They make you feel like family. I have been back many times for different things over many years. The kind of talent you want in a surgeon. I now live in Miami and drive back to Palm Springs because I know it will be done to perfection. You may have to wait sometimes, but I understand because I wouldn’t want him to rush on me just to see someone, and I know it works both ways." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" locked="off" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]

Dr. Alan Pillersdorf’s Reviews

[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Eidelman’s Patient" testimonial="I went to three doctors who made me feel awkward and like I was a number. When I met Dr. Eidelman, it was immediate that I knew he was going to be my doctor. I had the best experience with Dr. Eidelman. From start to finish he made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. It been three months since my reduction, and now I’ve already scheduled him to do my tummy tuck. My aftercare was very thorough and easy. His staff always treated me with respect and did the very best to keep me happy." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]
[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Eidelman’s Patient" testimonial="PatientWould definitely recommend Dr. Eidelman. He is very caring, experienced, and has excellent bedside manners. Achieved the results we planned at consultation visit and pre-op. Very happy with Dr. Eidelman." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" locked="off" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]
[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Eidelman’s Patient" testimonial="He is very caring, and responded quickly to the hospital nurses calls during my stay in the hospital." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" locked="off" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]

Dr. Hayn’s Reviews

[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Hayn’s Patient" testimonial="Dr. Hayn didn’t have much to work with, with a patient such as myself. I had a radical mastectomy in 1976, when I was 26 years old. They didn’t leave anything to work with. I had a simple mastectomy on the other side, and over the years, my body rejected numerous attempts at breast reconstruction. The bottom line is, that after all these years, (I am now 63), Dr. Hayn has given me new breasts…something that my body was lacking for decades. Dr. Hayn was able to work with what other doctors were unable to. He is extremely caring, and it is evident, not only by his work, but by the amount of time he spends listening to your concerns. Dr. Hayn is tops in my book!" _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]
[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Hayn’s Patient" testimonial="Love Dr. Hayn! He did an excellent job on both of my surgeries. He is a very kind, caring, and funny person as well. Really made me feel very comfortable when I was so nervous and embarrassed walking into his office, but he is just so smart that he can look at things from strictly a medical standpoint. Really great doctor." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" locked="off" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]
[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Hayn’s Patient" testimonial="Dr. Hayn was so kind, caring, and gentle with me. I was so nervous going for the consultation and for the surgery, but he has a way of really making his patients calm, especially if they are nervous/embarrassed about a condition. He was really funny and made me feel very comfortable with him. He was the only doctor who accurately diagnosed me, and the only doctor who was able to fix it. Yes, there’s a bit of a wait to get in to see him in the waiting room, but it’s well worth the wait and really isn’t any longer than any other doctor’s office. Can’t say enough about how kind and smart he was. Would highly recommend him to anyone. He is the best doctor I’ve ever been to." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" locked="off" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]

Dr. Navarro’s Reviews

[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Navarro’s Patient" testimonial="Dr. Navarro is down to earth; no sign he is highly educated from Harvard, U Texas, Nassau Medical Center. A very easy going people approach; has not gone to his head that he is a provider and the rest of us patients." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]
[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Navarro’s Patient" testimonial="Dr. Navarro recently did tattoo laser removal on a dark tattoo that I was embarrassed of. He did a wonderful job! I had one treatment so far and the tattoo is almost half-way gone. He was fast and precise! He is a wonderful plastic surgeon!" _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" locked="off" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]
[ba_testimonial name="Dr. Navarro’s Patient" testimonial="Dr. Navarro was extremely patient and kind, as was his nurse. He made us feel very comfortable, and did not perform procedures just for the sake of money. I would highly recommend him." _builder_version="4.22.1" _module_preset="default" locked="off" global_colors_info="{}"][/ba_testimonial]