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Skin Tightening
in West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL

If you have aging skin that has been damaged by the sun or suffer from irregular skin texture, the Skintyte procedure offers the latest and greatest in skin tightening results. If you live in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Springs, Wellington, Lake Worth or any surrounding areas of South Florida, schedule an appointment at our luxurious MedSpa Zen today.

What is Skintyte?

Skintyte is a lunchtime procedure that takes only about 45 minutes to complete. The procedure uses a series of pulsed infrared light treatments directed over problem areas of the skin using specialized light beam equipment. The heat that is generated from the pulsed light targets and disrupts the skin’s existing collagen. This disruption of existing collagen promotes the creation of new, healthy collagen, resulting in tighter, smoother skin.

Skin Tightening in West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL

How Much Skin TIghtening Cost?

We share pricing information during our initial consultation. No two patients require the same treatment plan and your pricing may vary based on the treatment area and other factors. To help ensure our patients can afford their cosmetic care we offer several financing options.

How Can Skin Tightening Help Me?

The effects of time and environmental factors such as exposure to the sun have a tendency to wreak havoc on our skin. Elasticity is lost, sunspots emerge, and texture can become rough and irregular. In an effort to tighten the skin, erase wrinkles, and improve texture, many people turn to lotions and creams. And though cosmetic problems can do their part to hydrate and smooth the skin, they can only do so much, and they can’t turn back the hands of time or reverse the damage that has been done. There is, however, still hope for those who wish to improve the look of their skin without having to undergo surgery. One of the latest advances in non-invasive treatments used to tighten, lift, and add firmness to skin is a broadband light treatment known as Skyintyte.

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What Can I Expect After My Skin Tightening Procedure?

Many patients do experience some slight redness or swelling immediately following treatment, but makeup can be worn soon after. No downtime is required and regular daily activities can be resumed immediately. For optimal results, most patients require an average of 3-5 treatments spaced about four weeks apart.

Skintyte procedure is appropriate for patients who have aging skin, skin that has been damaged by the sun, or for those who suffer from irregular skin texture. Though it is most often performed on the face and neck, Skintyte is appropriate and effective anywhere on the body. This procedure can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures such as microdermabrasion.

If you live in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Springs, Wellington, or Lake Worth and are considering Skintyte treatments to improve the tightness, tone, and texture of your skin, contact Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach to schedule your cosmetic consultation today.