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Our physicians have performed over 30,000 surgeries
Our Surgery Center is housed in our 5,000 square-foot facility and is built to hospital quality standards, with extremely close attention to detail. The Center is a Level 3 Florida Certified Surgery Facility with Quad A Certification approval.

Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach, FL

Patients have visited our office over the last two decades because of the security and comfort of our board-certified plastic surgeons. Drs. Pillersdorf, Eidelman, Hayn and Navarro are all members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Florida Medical Association and Palm Beach County Medical Society. We are a comprehensive plastic surgery office, offering a full spectrum of treatments, including: facelifts, eye and brow lift rejuvenations, breast augmentations, tummy tucks (including mommy makeovers), liposuction, massive weight loss body reconstruction, breast cancer reconstructions, and skin cancer removal and repair. Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach takes great pride in ensuring our patients’ safety and education for each procedure through their aesthetic journey.

Plastic Surgery Suites encompasses 5,000 square feet of space dedicated to patient comfort and privacy. The center also includes private exam rooms, surgical suites, recovery rooms and waiting rooms, offering our patients the utmost privacy and confidentiality. The plastic surgery team assisting Drs. Pillersdorf, Eidelman, Hayn and Navarro, includes board-certified anesthesiologists, surgical nurses, and support staff specially trained to meet the needs of plastic surgery patients.


Services may be provided by Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach. as well as by other health care providers who may separately bill the patient and whom may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations as the facility. The bills a patient will receive from our center are for Outpatient Surgical Services fee for the type of surgical procedure. This fee includes nursing care, medications, standard supplies, and use of the operating and recovery rooms. You may receive separate bills for each of the following:

  1. The surgeon’s fee for performing the surgery or procedure
  2. The Anesthesiologist’s fee for providing anesthesia for the procedure, if applicable
  3. Laboratory tests prior if applicable
  4. Pathology, if applicable

We require payment of your deductible, co-payment, and co-insurance at the time of registration. We accept cash, checks, debit and all major credit cards. For procedures that are not covered by insurance and for patients who do not have medical insurance, we require full payment (100%) at the time of admission. Please call our office prior to your surgery date if special payment arrangements are necessary.

Many same-day surgical procedures are covered by standard medical insurance and we participate with many insurance plans. However, you should call your insurance company prior to your surgery date to verify that we participate with your plan and to understand the coverage for your procedure. We will submit claims to most major insurance carriers. See a listing of contracted health plans

For specific information regarding your financial responsibility, please call our billing department at  561-968-7111. Your physician and anesthesiologist fees, as well as any pathology or laboratory fees, are processed separately by the individual service providers.

See a listing of insurance carriers


Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach, Inc.  (the “Facility”)

Financial Assistance, Payment Plans, Discounts, Charity Care Policy and Collection Procedures

If  Facility believes that you have health insurance and/or HMO coverage(s) that may cover some or all of the Services, Facility may initiate contact with them to determine your cost-sharing responsibilities for Facility’s’ bill.  You may contact them directly as well for additional information concerning your cost-sharing responsibilities.  If Facility determines that you have cost-sharing responsibilities for Facility’s bill, in accordance with Facility’s financial assistance policies, you will be required to pay your cost-sharing responsibilities in full on or before Services are provided.  The Facility’s financial assistance policies are that if you are unable to pay your cost-sharing responsibilities in full on or before Services are provided, because you believe you are medically indigent, or you are not covered by any health insurance or HMO, upon request, the Facility, in its sole discretion, may offer you a discount on the amount due and/or offer a payment plan.  Any such discount is considered by Facility to be “charity care.” There is no formal application process for obtaining “charity care” at Facility.

Facility’s standard collection policy is to produce and send one or more bills to patients for their cost sharing amounts, which if not paid on a timely basis, may then be placed with a collection agency to pursue such unpaid amounts.  If accounts are placed with an attorney and/or collection agency, the costs charged by the attorney and/or collection agency will be passed onto the patient to pay, and the patients’ credit score may be negatively impacted.

Upon your request, and before the provision of non-emergency care at Facility, you can receive a good faith estimate of anticipated charges for the treatment of your condition at the Facility.  This estimate must be provided to you within seven (7) days of the request being received by the Facility.   To obtain this request, you can call  561-968-7111, or Email at mds@plasticsurgerypb.com.


Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach is committed to providing meaningful information to our patients related to financial obligations for healthcare services. The best way for patients to determine their out-of-pocket costs in advance of their visit to Center is to contact their insurance company. Patients will be called in advance of surgery and given an estimate of anticipated charges for non-emergency care from the Center.

In order for Center to provide prospective patients with a good faith estimate, your physician’s office must have already scheduled your surgery or procedure with the center.  Upon request and as required by Florida Law, the center will provide to prospective patients an estimate of gross charges, before any adjustment for your healthcare plans or self-pay discounts in writing within seven (7) business days.   To request such estimate, please contact our Center at  561-968-7111.

Patient Resources on Defined Service Bundles and Procedures

Information on payments made to the facility for defined bundles of services and procedures is available at http://pricing.floridahealthfinder.gov/. The service bundle information is a non-personalized estimate of costs that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services, and actual costs will be based on services actually provided to the patient.


Patients may access the State of Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration website at this link for information about this surgery center: www.floridahealthfinder.gov

Contractor Provider List

(As of January 2020)

Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach is contracted with the following health care providers who may bill separately for services rendered and may not participate in the same health insurance organizations as our facility. Patient and prospective patients may request from each of the below healthcare providers a personalized estimate of charges and other information.

Patients and prospective patients should contact each health care practitioner who will provide services in our facility to determine the health insurers and health maintenance organizations with which the health care practitioner participates as a network or network provider. See a list of our providers below.


  • Alex Zaslavskiy, MD D ABA
  • Sheldon Isaacson, MD D ABA


  • Surgical Pathology Laboratories (SPL)
    8455 66th Street NE
    Pinellas Park, Florida 33781
    Phone: 727-548-7732 or 800-304-1066
  • DermPath Diagnostics
    895 SW 30th Avenue Suite 101
    Pompano Beach, Fl 33069
    Phone: 800-330-6770


Section 381.026, Florida Statutes A patient has the right to be treated with courtesy and respect, with appreciation of his or her individual dignity, and with protection of his or her need for privacy. A patient has the right to a prompt and reasonable response to questions and requests. A patient has the right to know who is providing medical services and who is responsible for his or her care. A patient has the right to know what patient support services are available, including whether an interpreter is available if he or she does not speak English. A patient has the right to know what rules and regulations apply to his or her conduct. A patient has the right to be given by the health care provider information concerning diagnosis, planned course of treatment, alternatives, risks, and prognosis. A patient has the right to refuse any treatment, except as otherwise provided by law. A patient has the right to be given, upon request, full information and necessary counseling on the availability of known financial resources for his or her care. A patient who is eligible for Medicare has the right to know, upon request and in advance of treatment, whether the health care provider or health care facility accepts the Medicare assignment rate. A patient has the right to receive, upon request, prior to treatment, a reasonable estimate of charges for medical care. A patient has the right to receive a copy of a reasonably clear and understandable, itemized bill and, upon request, to have the charges explained. A patient has the right to impartial access to medical treatment or accommodations, regardless of race, national origin, religion, handicap, or source of payment. A patient has the right to treatment for any emergency medical condition that will deteriorate from failure to provide treatment. A patient has the right to know if medical treatment is for purposes of experimental research and to give his or her consent or refusal to participate in such experimental research. A patient has the right to express grievances regarding any violation of his or her rights, as stated in Florida law, through the grievance procedure of the health care provider or health care facility which served him or her and to the appropriate state licensing agency. A patient is responsible for providing to the health care provider, to the best of his or her knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to his or her health. A patient is responsible for reporting unexpected changes in his or her condition or any other factors to the health care provider. A patient is responsible for reporting to the health care provider whether he or she comprehends a contemplated course of action and what is expected of him or her. A patient is responsible for following the treatment plan recommended by the health care provider to include a responsible adult to transport him/her and to remain with him/her for 24 hours. A patient is responsible for keeping appointments and, when he or she is unable to do so for any reason, for notifying the health care provider or health care facility. A patient is responsible for his or her actions if he or she refuses treatment or does not follow the health care provider’s instructions. A patient is responsible for assuring that the financial obligations of his or her health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible. A patient is responsible for following health care facility rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct.

For more information, contact us at (561) 968-7111.

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