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CoolSculpting® for the Chin in Palm Beach, FL

When CoolSculpting® was first introduced as a non-surgical body contouring option, treatments were limited to areas of the body that had enough tissue to be pulled inside the device. Thanks to recent advances in the design, CoolSculpting® can now be used on many other areas, such as the chin.

CoolSculpting® for the Chin in Palm Beach, FL

The Dreaded Double Chin

The dreaded double chin. A problem that many men and women deal with, despite being in shape and near their ideal weight. Double chins are challenging because of the way the fat develops in the area. Known as submental fullness, the fat cannot be reduced with any specific exercises like other areas of your body. Before the introduction of non-surgical options, people had two choices — live with the embarrassment of a double chin or have liposuction or surgery to remove the extra fat.

How Does CoolSculpting® Work in the Chin Area?

CoolSculpting® is designed with a unique technology that freezes fat cells and causes them to break down. Fat cells respond to freezing temperatures differently than other types of cells through a process known as “cryolipolysis.” It most likely works because our bodies recognize freezing temperatures as a need for survival, and fat cells offer quick energy to keep the body functioning. As the fat cells break down, the contents are released into the body or eliminated through natural processes.

What Results Should I Expect from CoolSculpting® for the Chin?

Most people only need two CoolSculpting® treatments to reduce submental fullness and tone up the area under the chin. Visible changes to the area may take a few weeks, and optimum results can take four to six months. The fat cells are destroyed as part of the treatment and maintaining a healthy lifestyle may help keep new fat cells from developing in the area.

Ideal Candidate for Treating a Double Chin with CoolSculpting®

In general, you should be in good health, close to your ideal weight and have good skin elasticity in the chin, jowl and upper neck area. Skin elasticity is important. Without it, you may have sagging skin after the fat is reduced with CoolSculpting®.

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin? Contact Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach.

With CoolSculpting® for the chin, surgery is no longer the only option for your double chin. Contact Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach today to schedule a consultation.