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Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures in West Palm Beach, FL

Living with breasts that are uncomfortably or disproportionately large can be cumbersome. Our board-certified plastic surgeons can help patients that wish to reduce the size or shape of their breasts. Together with the dedicated staff at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach, we perform breast surgery on the residents of West Palm Beach, Wellington and Jupiter.

Women who have breasts that are unbearably large or uncomfortable often experience back pain, neck pain, and difficulty finding clothes that comfortably fit. This can affect your quality of life as well as your self-esteem and confidence. A breast reduction surgery can help you reduce the size of your breasts to a more manageable size. Additionally, you can achieve a shape and size that you are happy with and is more aesthetically pleasing and fitting to your figure. We combine a number of expert techniques to minimize breast tissue and fat in a way that looks and feels as natural as possible.

Browse through our before-and-after pictures of real patients to see the different results of breast reduction procedures.

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Breast Reduction Case 2 (197)

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