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How to Maintain Your Facelift in Palm Beach, FL

Facelift in Palm Beach, FLWhen you decide to have a facelift, you are investing time and money into improving your appearance. Although nothing can stop the hands of time, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that you enjoy the results of the procedure for many years. Here are some tips about ways to maintain your facelift results.

The Importance of Facelift Aftercare

Preserving the results of your facelift begins when the surgery is complete. Aftercare should not be underestimated, and you should follow all post-surgical instructions carefully. The goal of aftercare is to promote healing of the incisions and tissues, prevent infection and reduce swelling. Here are the most important aspects of facelift aftercare:

The First Month

The focus during the first week is to rest and minimize swelling. This involves elevating your head, taking pain medications and limiting your activities, including talking and other activities that require movement of your face. Cold compresses should be used as directed. We schedule follow-up appointments during this time to check the sutures and how well you are managing the recovery.

Resuming Activities

Three to four weeks after your facelift, you will gradually increase your activity level, but you need to keep the pace at a moderate level. This means restricting yourself to activities that do not elevate your heart rate above the normal range. You will likely spend more time outdoors, so a high-quality sunscreen is essential.

Full Recovery

Full recovery from a facelift can take months, or even up to one year. Be patient with your body and protect the incision lines as much as possible.

Skincare Products After a Facelift

Skincare products are important during your recovery and in the long-term to maximize the long-term benefits of a facelift. We will recommend moisturizers and other products to be used during your recovery. Professional skincare gives your skin the nutrients it needs to fend off sun damage, wrinkles and other issues that lead to the need for a facelift.

Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Treatments After a Facelift

Realistically, you will develop new wrinkles after your facelift, but today’s dermal fillers and injectables may postpone the need for a second facelift procedure. These solutions are used to target specific areas, such as the forehead, eye area and skin around the nose and mouth.

Get Long-term Anti-Aging Benefits from Your Facelift at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach

If you want a long-term anti-aging solution, contact Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach to schedule a consultation. We will recommend the short-term and long-term options that keep your skin healthy and looking its best for many years.

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