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IPL® and BBL™ Treatments in Palm Beach, FL

BBL Photorejuvenation in West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FLLight energy, such as lasers and intense pulsed light, are innovative anti-aging solutions that offer men and women alternatives to extensive plastic surgery. Some of these technologies work in much the same way, making it difficult for a person to know which one is the right option. IPL® and BBL™ Photorejuvenation appear the same on the surface, but the differences between these two treatments is important to understand.

IPL® and BBL™: The Basics

Intense pulsed light (IPL®) and broadband light (BBL™) use light energy to target specific concerns in the skin. These treatments are helpful with vascular lesions, age spots, unwanted hair and much more. When these technologies are used for skin concerns, they offer a secondary benefit of increasing collagen production to tighten the skin.

IPL® vs. BBL™: The Differences

IPL® has been used for cosmetic treatments longer than BBL™, yet this does not always mean that IPL® technology is better. One of the downsides of the popularity of the treatment is that “affordable” IPL® systems are now available for little to no cost. Although you may be getting an IPL® treatment, the system may not deliver the precision or safety that you need. If you do receive an IPL® treatment from a qualified practitioner using a high-quality system, the results will be good, but perhaps not as good as what is achieved with BBL™.

In some ways, BBL™ can be considered as a new generation of light energy treatments. The systems offer unparalleled precision and exceptional results. BBL™ treats many of the same conditions as IPL®, such as wrinkles, age spots and poor skin tone, but with one exception. IPL® cannot treat acne. If you have acne, BBL™ is your solution.

Cost of IPL vs. BBL™

A single IPL® treatment costs $500 to $700, and a single BBL™ treatment averages $650. If your budget is a deciding factor, consider that with IPL® you may need three to five treatments versus the one to three treatments with BBL™.

Recovery from IPL® and BBL™

IPL® and BBL™ treatments require no downtime. When the procedures are performed by a qualified clinician, your skin is just slightly red after the treatments. After a few days, the skin returns to a normal color, yet the texture and appearance is improved. If you have age spots, expect these to fade gradually over the weeks after the treatment.

Contact Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach to Learn More About IPL® and BBL™

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