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Permanent Makeup in West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL

Our MedSpa Zen offers permanent makeup with 3D tattooing for eyeliner, lips and eyebrows. MedSpa Zen is a state-of-the-art medical spa, and all of our services are medically supervised and follow strict medical protocols to ensure you get the results you desire in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment. We are proud to serve patients in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Springs, Wellington, and Lake Worth.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Technically referred to as “micropigmentation”, our permanent makeup is made up of FDA-approved dyes and mineral extracts that are implanted into the skin with a hand-held tool. We offer this 30-minute “3D tattooing” procedure for eyeliner, lips, and eyebrows.

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How Much Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

We share pricing information during your initial consultation. To help ensure our patients can afford their cosmetic care we offer several financing options. We would be happy to discuss further during your consultation or appointment.

Why Should I Consider Permanent Makeup?

Women who understand the value of makeup to enhance their natural beauty also understand some of the frustrations that come along with the makeup application process. Not only can it become rather time-consuming to apply makeup every morning, but smudging or uneven application can occur, especially when you are in a rush. It can be difficult to get a straight line when applying eyeliner, and even if you are successful, makeup tends to perform a vanishing act by the middle of the day and often needs touch-ups or reapplication. At Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach’s MedSpa Zen, we can offer a solution to your makeup woes with the application of permanent makeup.

What Can I Expect Following My Permanent Makeup Procedure?

Following your permanent makeup application, you should experience little to no downtime. Though you may experience minor swelling around the areas of application, it will subside on its own or with the use of a cool compress. You can expect to resume all of your normal activities within 24 hours.

What Are the Benefits of Permanent Makeup?

Not only can the application of permanent makeup offer you the benefit of a quicker daily routine each morning, but it is a way to permanently enhance your natural beauty. And because permanent makeup application at MedSpa Zen is performed by highly trained, highly skilled professionals, you know you are in good hands and that your makeup will always look impeccable.

At MedSpa Zen, we have a commitment to helping you look and feel your best. Like all of the services we provide, our permanent makeup application procedures are medically supervised and follow the latest medical protocols.

For more information on permanent makeup and to schedule your appointment, contact MedSpa Zen at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach today. We serve patients in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Springs, Wellington, and Lake Worth. We strive to create an environment that allows you to relax, rejuvenate, and bring out your natural beauty.

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