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Permanent Makeup Before and After Pictures in West Palm Beach, FL

Reduce the need to wake up early every morning just to do your eyebrows with permanent makeup! This cosmetic procedure is available at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach. We happily serve the residents of West Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter and the cities throughout South Florida.

There are plenty of reasons why patients may be interested in undergoing permanent makeup procedures. Whether you have experienced hair loss, have naturally thin or light eyebrows, or simply want to eliminate your need to do your makeup every day, permanent makeup may be right for you. At Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach, we are always introducing advanced treatments and services to help patients look and feel their ultimate best! We combine a number of techniques such as microblading and precise, surgical-like steadiness to help patients deliver natural-looking results that help enhance your entire appearance.

The before-and-after pictures below show the results of various permanent makeup applications on real patients.

Permanent Makeup Case 1 (3401)

Permanent Makeup Case 2 (3402)

Permanent Makeup Case 3 (3403)

Permanent Makeup Case 4 (3404)

Permanent Makeup Case 5 (3405)

Permanent Makeup Case 6 (3406)

Permanent Makeup Case 7 (3407)

Permanent Makeup Case 8 (3408)

Permanent Makeup Case 9 (3409)

Permanent Makeup Case 10 (3410)

Permanent Makeup Case 11 (2345)

Permanent Makeup Case 12 (5432)

Permanent Makeup Case 13 (4567)

Permanent Makeup Case 14 (7654)

Permanent Makeup Case 15 (889710)

Permanent Makeup Case 16 (895534)

Achieve beautifully sculpted eyebrows and highlight your eyes with permanent makeup applied by experts at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach. We cater to residents of West Palm Beach, Wellington, and Jupiter, and welcome patients who wish to achieve a more aesthetically balanced face to contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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Dov I. Eidelman, M.D. F.A.C.S
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