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Palm Beach Residents Ask: How Many Facelifts Can You Have?

Laser Skin Resurfacing in West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FLWe all want to age gracefully, and plastic surgery offers many options to help us meet that goal. Facelifts are among the most popular anti-aging option for men and women, and you may be wondering how many facelifts you can have over the course of your lifetime. The answer may surprise you.

The Best Approach to Facelift Surgery: Correct Only What is Needed

Decades ago, plastic surgery began as a way to address advanced signs of aging through extensive surgeries. This was primarily due to the available techniques. A facelift corrects every area of the face, and this became a “one size fits all” solution. Many men and women had surgeries that were too extensive for their unique needs. Over the years, leading plastic surgeons have developed new techniques that target specific areas of the face that show aging. If you are considering a facelift, we will recommend procedures that are specifically designed for your problem areas, such as the lower face, mid-face, eyelids, forehead or cheeks. This minimizes your downtime and ensures that you only receive the surgical interventions that are needed.

Why You Might Need More Than One Facelift

The best way to look at facelifts and other plastic surgeries for the face is with a progressive model. We recommend the most conservative technique first. As the aging process continues, we may recommend a secondary procedure to correct the new issues. Most people show signs of aging in the lower to mid-face before the eyes and forehead, and this may be the target area for your first procedure. As for having multiple full facelifts, the reason why you may need more than one is that your skin ages at a rapid rate due to some preventable issues.

Prevention is the Best Anti-Aging Solution

Professional skin care products give your skin the proteins it needs to fend off lines and wrinkles. A good sunscreen can prevent damage to the skin that also causes wrinkles. After you have a facelift or as your skin starts to show signs of aging, we will work with you to find products that replenish the collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. We also recommend ways to prevent damage to the surface of your skin that may appear as age spots, dryness, dull complexion and other concerns.

The Role of Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-surgical treatments have important roles in today’s anti-aging efforts. Dermal fillers contain the proteins that are needed by your skin. Some of the products, as well as microneedling, laser treatments and other options, stimulate collagen production. Utilizing non-surgical options can often delay your need for a facelift and prolong the results of your facial surgeries.

Develop a Long-Term Anti-Aging Plan at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach

A long-term comprehensive anti-aging plan helps you maintain healthy, young-looking skin and may reduce your need for multiple plastic surgeries. Contact us today to start your anti-aging plan at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach.

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