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Palm Beach Residents Ask: When Should I Replace My Implants?

Breast Augmentation in West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FLOne of the most common questions that we receive from women after their breast augmentation is, “When should I replace my implants?” The question stems from information that has been widely publicized, yet often taken out of context.

The “Every 10 Years” Myth of Breast Implants

A 2011 study by the Food and Drug Administration is the most widely cited resource for the recommendation to replace implants every 10 years. The report noted that approximately 20% of women who had silicone implants needed revision surgery after 10 years due to complications, such as scar tissue, ruptures and other concerns. These issues are not directly related to breast augmentation surgery. Rather, the study should be interpreted as a minority of women having experienced problems with their implants.

Since the report was released, enhancements have been made to breast implants. The surgeon’s skill and expertise in breast augmentation is another contributing factor to why a woman may need to replace her implants at any time. If you are considering breast augmentation, seek out a plastic surgeon who is board-certified, has excellent reviews from past patients and is willing to show you photos of their work.

Reasons Why You May Want to Replace Your Implants

Currently, there is no hard and fast rule about when a woman may want to change her implants, but there are certainly times when she may make the individual choice to switch, such as lifestyle changes, getting married or starting a new job. Women may also want to change their implants as new styles are introduced, such as teardrop and textured implants. Ultimately, the desire to change breast implants is a personal choice more often than a clinical need.

Revision Breast Augmentation

If you do decide to change your implants, the procedure is similar to your breast augmentation. Whenever possible, the surgeon uses the same incision lines to minimize any new scars. The old implant is removed, and the surgeon may place the new implant in the same tissue pocket or create a new one. This all depends on how you want your breasts to look after the revision surgery. You can expect the recovery to take about the same amount of time.

Are You Considering New Breast Implants? Contact Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach.

If you are considering new breast implants or would like to know more about new implant options, contact Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach to schedule a consultation.

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