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Facial Peel by Skin Type in Palm Beach, FL

Chemical Peels in West Palm Beach And Jupiter, FLChemical peels are available in light, medium and deep to address various skin concerns that develop due to aging and other factors. In addition to the type of peel that you want, skin type is another consideration. Here are the best facial peels for your skin.

Chemical Peels for Dry Skin

Dry skin is unique because it needs to be exfoliated and hydrated. The best options for facial peels are those that contain chemicals in the group of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), and a facial peel that contains glycolic acid is just what you need. The acid removes the top layer of skin to reveal healthy, young cells. Glycolic acid also stimulates collagen production to repair cells and eliminate the dry, rough texture and retain moisture.

Chemical Peels for Oily Skin

Exfoliation is great for any skin type. When it comes to oily skin, though, you need to maintain a balance between removing oil and keeping the skin hydrated. Salicylic acid in chemical peels removes excess oil and speeds up cell turnover. This not only keeps the oils in check, but also leaves your skin looking refreshed and supple. Salicylic acid can also help control blemishes and outbreaks that are common with oily skin.

Chemical Peels for Normal Skin

If you have normal skin with no noticeable dryness or excess oil, the choice of chemical peel is based upon any cosmetic concerns that you have. For a dull complexion, we recommend a light peel to exfoliate the surface. Acne scars and age spots can be remedied with a medium peel. Aged skin that has moderate to severe wrinkles benefits from a one-time deep peel that removes several layers of skin.

Chemical Peels for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs a gentle approach when it comes to chemical peels, so you should only work with an aesthetician who has experience with this skin type. Start with a very mild light chemical peel that is less irritating to the skin. The best acids for this type of skin are lactic acids and mandelic acids. Our aesthetician can recommend peels that meet these criteria. You should share any experiences that you have with skin care products, including any sensitivities that you notice. This information helps to determine how your skin may respond to the lighter chemical peels. Your chemical peel treatments may be limited in the beginning, and the length of the peel is gradually increased as we determine how well the products work on your skin.

Are You Interested in Chemical Peels? Contact Spa Zen at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach.

Chemical peels should be tailored to the skin type, as well as the conditions that need correction. If you are considering a chemical peel, contact Spa Zen at Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach to schedule a consultation. Our aestheticians will help you find the right chemical peel for your needs.

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