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Having to undergo a mastectomy as part of a breast cancer treatment plan is often the source of additional trauma and devastation for women who are fighting the disease. If you have undergone a mastectomy there are techniques that can be performed following your surgery to help restore the shape of the breasts, and your self-esteem, in the process.


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During this procedure, expanders are placed in the breasts to begin the process of gently yet steadily stretching the skin to prepare for implants. Prior to placing the expanders, they are filled as much as possible. Once the incision has healed, additional expansion is performed over the course of several weeks to allow the body to heal and the skin to stretch slowly and at a more natural rate. Once the expanders are filled to the desired level, they are replaced with permanent implants through breast augmentation surgery.

For more information on tissue expander breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, contact Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach. Our board certified plastic surgeons are highly skilled at breast reconstruction and will guide you every step of the way throughout the process to ensure your comfort, safety, and satisfaction as you restore your breast shape. We understand the sensitive nature of your situation, and we are here to help.

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