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If you have undergone excessive weight loss after multiple pregnancies, bariatric surgery or exercise and proper nutrition, you have accomplished a remarkable goal! Now, you may be wondering, “Where did all this excess skin come from?” We know this can be extremely frustrating, especially because it doesn’t fit the image you want.  A body lift can help you achieve your desired image by removing the excess skin and sagging tissue.

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What Should I Know About a Body Lift in West Palm Beach?

Many people believe a body lift is one procedure; however a body lift in West Palm Beach is multiple procedures that might be done in stages that are combined to help you achieve your personalized results. These procedures all focus on the removal of excess skin and fat after extreme weight loss. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin, so if you are healthy and have experienced severe weight loss, a body lift can be the final journey on your road to a healthy lifestyle.

A body lift requires multiple incisions to remove excess skin and fat. This process allows for tightening and repositioning tissue for a more smooth and natural appearance. A body lift will help you achieve the profile you are trying to obtain. The incisions are dependent on the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. A body lift in West Palm Beach can effectively reshape your arms, hips, abdomen, back, buttocks, breasts and thighs.

If you are healthy, and have maintained a stable weight for six months, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation. During the consultation, we will answer all of your questions and discuss your desired outcome. We will also discuss body lift cost and body lift recovery process.  Our state of the art facilities and board certified Plastic Surgeons will help take your body and confidence to the next step in your life.

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