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Otoplasty in West Palm Beach can correct a number of issues associated with the appearance of the ears including: large or protruding ears, small or “cupped” ears, “shell” ears with no outer curve in the cartilage, or “lop” ears where the top of the ear folds downward or inward. The procedure can take roughly two to three hours, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, and it is performed under general anesthesia. Once the anesthesia has been administered, the doctor begins by making a small incision behind each of your ears, providing access to your ear cartilage. The cartilage can then be removed or reshaped as necessary. Because the incision is made discreetly behind the ear, the scar is hidden in the natural folds of the ear, making it undetectable to others. For five to seven days following surgery, you will need to wear a bandage to hold your ears in their new position. Recovery may vary from patient to patient but some swelling and discoloration is not uncommon. Mild discomfort can easily be managed with pain medication.

Dr. Hayn was able to work with what other doctors were un-able to do. He is extremely caring and it is evident, not only by his work, but by the amount of time he spends listening to your concerns. Dr. Hayn is tops in my book!

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Learn how Otoplasty in West Palm Beach Can Fix the Appearance of Your Ears

Otoplasty can greatly improve one’s self-esteem and is a procedure worth considering for anyone who struggles with the appearance of their ears. At Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach, we understand the sensitive nature of having large or protruding ears, and our staff of caring professionals will work with you every step of the way to make the process smooth and comfortable. If you or your child suffers from the pain and embarrassment that accompanies large or protruding ears, contact one of our three offices to schedule your complimentary cosmetic consultation. During your consultation, you and your doctor can discuss your surgical options including procedural techniques, your desired result, and even what type of anesthesia to use to determine what is best for you and your level of comfort. Otoplasty in West Palm Beach can be performed at out Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center in Palm Springs or at one of the eight hospitals the physicians are on staff at ,depending on patient’s health history, age and weight.

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