Chin Implants in Palm Beach

A weak or receding chin is one that, when looking at a person’s profile, falls further back than the nose. A weak chin gives an overall unbalanced look to your face. It can make your nose appear larger, your neck appear thicker, or it may even seem to blend right into the neck creating an almost “chinless” appearance. Chin implants will add definition to your jawline creating a more attractive profile and an overall more physically fit appearance.

Chin augmentation in West Palm Beach is an outpatient procedure that can be completed in about one hour’s time. An incision is made under the chin or inside the lower lip where scarring will be discreet, and an implant is inserted through the incision. Following the procedure, you will need to wear a small pressure dressing over your chin as prescribed by your doctor. As with any surgical procedure, recovery and possible side effects tend to vary on a patient-to-patient basis. Some people do experience swelling, tenderness, or even numbness, but these symptoms will subside on their own over a period of anywhere from six to eight weeks and can be managed through pain medication.

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How is a Chin Augmentation in West Palm Beach Performed?

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, however, during your consultation, you will be able to discuss if any other options are available to you for anesthesia and what you are most comfortable with. In some cases, patients who are considering rhinoplasty to correct the size of their nose may actually benefit from chin implants as a way to improve facial proportions. There are instances in which both procedures performed together will yield the best possible result. You and your doctor will discuss your concerns and your goals in order to determine which treatment or combination of treatments are right for you. You will also discuss the chin augmentation recovery process and the cost of chin augmentation.

At Palm Beach Plastic Surgery, we put our patients’ wants and needs first, and our staff makes every effort to help you achieve the aesthetic results you desire. We have staff members that have been with the physicians for over a decade in some instances, and will hold your hand throughout the entire surgical process.  Our surgeons attend yearly conferences and seminars to ensure they use the latest technology, equipment, and techniques for your safety and satisfaction.

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